Licensed and Qualified


Boyd Turner Custom Painting is licensed in accordance with CSLB regulations (click here to view CSLB link). Our license number is 717086.

Workers Comp #9157236

Liability Insurance #XN104239601

EPA #R-I-73358-13-00150

Always make sure the contractor you hire is licensed in accordance with CSLB regulations. Ask to see their contractors license and then click CSLB or call CSLB at (800) 321-2752 to verify a license is up to date.

Along with our standard CSLB license for Painting and Decorating C-33, Boyd Turner Custom Painting also maintains a Home Improvement Certification (HIC). This allows us to contract with homeowners to perform minor home improvements in compliance with our current contractors license.

Unlicensed contractors are a danger to your financial affairs because they expose you to significant financial harm in the event of injury or property damage.



Price & Craftsmanship
Always compare what is in the written estimate/proposal (not what is said) in regard to surface preparation, protection of your personal property, what type of materials will be used, and how many coats will be applied. The lowest price and the best value are very rarely the same. Always get three estimates and compare each of them to see what you are really getting for your money. Compare craftsmanship, quality of materials, and service.

Liability & Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
Liability and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance protects the customer if something is accidentally damaged or if a worker is injured while on your property. Always ask for proof of insurance. Don’t just take a contractors word for it.

Be cautious of exaggerated warranties. Please keep in mind that any warranty is only as good as the company itself. They may sound great, but are they realistic? Can the company really back up those claims?

Written Estimate
A well-written estimate/proposal will include a complete job description, the approximate time frame, and the cost. Make sure that all your concerns and requirements are addressed in writing in the estimate/proposal before signing. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns!

Promptness If a contractor will keep their appointment for an estimate, it’s more likely that they will be prompt in arriving to and completing your project when they say they will. Our customer’s time is very valuable and we respect that.

Any reliable, successful painting contractor will be happy to provide a list of references. Don’t be afraid to ask for. At Boyd Turner Custom Painting we will be happy to provide a list to you upon request.  Please see the referral page now – click here now.